Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 27, 2015: The Idea!

            A couple weekends back, I went to the Steampunk Unlimited event that the Strasburg Railroad in Strasburg, PA. Dressed up for it and everything, though the outfit wasn’t quite what I had hoped it would be due to time and financial limitations. I was still very happy with the look, but there are some adjustments I’d still like to make for the future. But that’s not what this is about.

            No, this is about the inspiration that struck me while I was there for a new costume I’d like to try for next year. Or, if I get really ambitious, maybe I’ll even complete it in time for the Steampunk World’s Fair. But I’m not gonna let myself stress over that deadline – the design is kind of ambitious, and will require a lot of techniques I’ve never tried before. I suspect a lot of trial and error will be required.

            So, what’s the idea? Well, inspired by the Steampunk event coupled with an October/Hallween kind of timeframe, the idea that struck me was… Steampunk Freddy Kreuger. So I sat down and drew out a preliminary sketch of my concept:


            There are a lot of elements, and most of them I expect to make and/or modify myself. Here’s my list:

    • Glove: Gotta have the glove! Of course, this will be a Steampunked out version, combining the traditional look with articulating mechanisms connected to the arm.
    • Arm: The right arm, possibly built integral with the glove, will be a steam-powered cybernetic arm.
    • Backpack: Contains pressure cylinders to simulate the water reservoir for the steam-powered arm.
    • Vest: Replacing the iconic Freddy green-and-red sweater with a wool vest in the same colors, suiting a more Victorian-era clothing style.
    • Facemask: rather than the traditional burned visage, I plan to go with a breather mask and goggles.
    • Top Hat: Another modification of a Freddy element, replacing the fedora with a Steampunk top hat.
    • Others: I’ll need pants (brown corduroy?) and shirt, and boots to complete the look. But those are things I’ll likely just find/purchase rather than make or modify.

So that’s the summary of my plan at this early stage. As things progress, I’ll start laying out more detailed designs for individual elements, and eventually photographs to document construction. I have no idea how many hours of work I’m looking at to complete this thing, or what the costs will be. It’s my intent, with each update, to keep a running total of material costs and time spent.

As I said before, I expect to have to do a lot of fabrication that I have never attempted before, and I have no idea what will be necessary to complete it all. I may be getting myself in way over my head; wish me luck!